The Benefits of New and Relevant Content

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May 27, 2017
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The Benefits of New and Relevant Content

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As Digital Signage becomes more widely adopted it is critical for all businesses to consider the value of consistently creating fresh, relevant content for their Digital Signage. Why is this so important? In the next few paragraphs we will answer that question and more.

Digital Signage content, just like any marketing or advertising content, must be kept fresh and relevant in order to achieve your business goals. For most businesses those objectives include educating, entertaining, and, in many cases, up-selling products or services. In order to be successful at achieving any of these goals, your Digital Signage first must be noticed!

Fresh, new, and relevant content stands a better chance of being noticed.

Are there businesses you frequent that have static signage displays? Let’s say, as most retailers do, they only change those signs once a month, or even once a quarter. If you visit that store often, do you pay attention to signs that are the same for several weeks? Probably not so much. New and relevant content that is dynamically changing commands our attention and is much more effective at delivering its message and achieving results!

Relevant content is more believable.

The theme and tone of your content and the way in which you communicate with your audience using relevant content adds authenticity to your message and makes those ideas and themes more believable. Content that is not fresh and relevant becomes insignificant to your viewer and ultimately makes you, and your products and services, lose credibility and become less important in their decision making process.

Relevant content helps present you as an expert in the field.

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or a retailer offering various product or services, relevant content on your Digital Signage ensures viewers that you possess a great deal of knowledge in your field. This perception gives you credibility in the eyes of your viewers and moves them closer to a buying decision. People buy from organizations they trust! Relevant content in your Digital Signage programming helps you create that trust.

Relevant content gives customers a reason to do business with you.

If you put forth the effort to keep your Digital Signage content updated and relevant to your audience, you significantly increase the chances of them doing business with you. Building strong relationships and establishing brand loyalty are difficult things to achieve. While they are difficult they are made easier with fresh and relevant content that answers customer’s questions and addresses their specific needs.

While it’s clear that keeping your content fresh and relevant, how exactly do you go about it? If your business is fortunate enough to have an in-house marketing director or team responsible for creating marketing materials, great! But what if, like many smaller businesses, you don’t have that team or even one person dedicated to your marketing needs? Relax, we have good news for you!

The solution?

You can hire outside marketing companies or even freelance graphic designers to create or manage your content and keep it up to date. This can be costly. Another option (we highly recommend) is to purchase a Digital Signage system directly from a company that offers content management and graphic design. This is far more economical to smaller businesses. A business owner can budget the fixed monthly cost and they can have piece of mind knowing their Digital Signage will be current and up to date (no more “Happy Holidays!” messages in March). This way, personnel can focus on more pressing issues. Lastly, the Digital Signage investment will provide its most effective return – an interested, captive customer audience motivated to buy.

If you choose an outside partner to create and manage your Digital Signage programming, there are a couple things to note. Too many Digital Signage buyers make the mistake of opting for a “front-loaded” Digital Signage program. Basically, the purchaser tries to make a one-time “buy” of Digital Signage to not be tied to any recurring monthly fee. There are several challenges you’ll encounter with a one-time buy. First, the platform itself. Typically with these packages you’ll pay steep upfront fees for the hardware (media player) and control software or access to a control system. Then you’re stuck. Rapid advancements in technology make these systems obsolete after just 6 months. Even more troubling, according to Digital Signage Today, “Roughly 75% of the companies entering the Digital Signage field fail within the first 2 years.”

Select a partner that can provide a solid, reliable platform (media player), a cloud-based control system (no software to download), and ongoing technical and creative support with a dedicated team of designers and content specialists. These programs come with smaller setup fees and a relatively small monthly fee that covers licensing of stock content used, design work and ongoing technical support. The monthly costs for this service vary depending on the amount and nature of custom content you need but typically range from $150-$100 per month. Setup fees are usually under $500, not including actual screens and installation.

Here’s a little perspective. Think about how much it would costs to hire a professional graphics designer to create, schedule and manage your Digital Signage program internally. Could you hire that person for $150 per month? Not likely. Even at the high-end cost of $150 per month, you’re gaining an entire marketing department of professional graphic designers, content specialists, and schedulers, all with extensive experience. A team that works with you to design dynamic, eye-catching and compelling Digital Signage content to help brand your business and connect with your most valuable audience – customers inside your place of business.

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