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How do you keep your residents and their families informed?

Working with focus4media will help you creating lasting impressions on your residents and their families. Do you currently struggle to get residents involved? Displaying the daily events on their television can help motivate them to venture out of their room. Playing music from their youth helps drive vitality. Even scenting areas of your building with an invigorating or relaxing scent can help residents feel at home. Our sensory solutions, including Digital Signage, Community Channels, Digital Signage and Audio/Visual Systems, help you connect with residents, staff, and visitors.


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Resident's Lifestyle


Resident Experience


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Why Assisted Living Facilities use our Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your resident experience. By having consistent Digital Bulletin Boards displaying the day’s events and having Digital Menu Boards with the daily menu, will keep your residents up to date on the latest information. Our Digital Signage content can even be pushed to your Social Media accounts to keep your resident’s families informed.


Our Digital Signage creates great experiences for your residents and visitors. Statistics show the average visitor shopping for an ALF for a family member, makes up their mind about that facility in less than 3 minutes. Not much time, which means you need to make a good first impression quickly! Digital Signage helps you create a warm and welcoming experience for visitors and patients alike. With custom Digital Signage you can share information on delicious menus, health awareness information, event and activity schedules, and even photos of member activities for others to share. Digital Signage also gives you a public platform for you to share information on your staff and the high quality of service they provide.


  • Share Dining Menus
  • Display Event Schedules
  • Human Resource Messaging
  • Health Awareness Messages
  • Reduce Paper Waste and Costs
  • Sales Information
  • Highlight Quality of Service
  • And much more
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