Park Avenue BBQ

A Famous BBQ Restaurant in South Florida

Project Start Date:

May 1995




Music Programming
Digital Signage

About Park Avenue BBQ (PA BBQ)

Since 1988 it has been Park Avenue BBQ Grille’s passion to serve its customers only the very best barbecue available. Dean LaVallee, Founder& Rib King, uses forward-thinking business and human practices to innovate a growing brand. Each location uses a custom-made smoker exclusively designed for PA BBQ Grille.

The Challenge

PA BBQ Grille was utilizing a very rudimentary form of digital signage. It was primitive in its messaging, too. It was advertising versus supporting the brand.
“Advertising is an act of announcing something,” said LaVallee. “Marketing is not a sales pitch but a soft way to enhance your brand with customers. We needed to take the ‘Did you know?’ kind of approach.” LaVallee and his team were looking for ways, through digital signage, to inform and educate customers that PA BBQ Grille’s passion is on being local and relevant. There was a growing concern that the brand was being perceived as a “chain” with a cookie-cutter menu and bland experience for customers. “Digital signage is intended to pique interest,” LaVallee continued. “It’s supposed to be utilized to personalize a connection between our brand and our customers. We also wanted to challenge our associates to personalize the connection and experience of our customers.”

The Solution

Dean’s ideas and vision are evergreen, and he needed to find a partner to help him imbue his passion for great food, and customers’ experience, through a digital medium. He didn’t want customers to find PA BBQ boring.
He wanted a limitless technology platform to help inform, educate, promote and entertain customers on various fronts.
After vetting various digital media service providers and vendors, a partnership between PA BBQ Grille and focus4media was officially forged.

The Result

The focus4media digital signage team, through an intuitive and consultative approach with LaVallee, showcases all of his ideas and passion in various zones in each of the eight (8) locations.

The Park Avenue TV Channel” was born. Customers can now learn about PA BBQ Grille’s extensive charity involvement, pictures of “pigs” drawn by children local to each location, recipes local to each location, celebrating the employees and managers at each location, “Oink” ale, a beer exclusively brewed for PA BBQ Grille, how catering is available…and so much more.
“The people who work at focus4 are a very big part of why I value the relationship PP BBQ Grille has with focus4,” LaVallee added “when people think of going out to eat and think of PA BBQ Grille, that’s when they become a customer,” he concluded. When asked if he’d recommend focus4media, LaVallee’s answer was quick and to the point: “Yes!”

Dean LaVallee, Founder & Rib King

About focus4media

For half a century focus4media has created unique experiences that transform the way your customers feel about your business. Using Sight, Sound, Scent and Systems we help businesses communicate and connect with customers and guests in powerful ways.

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  • Advertise House Specials
  • Increase Group Events
  • Display Menus
  • Welcome Your Guests
  • Increase Up-sells
  • Reduce Paper Waste and Cost
  • Highlight Quality of Service
  • And much more

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