Using Strategy to Turn Art into Digital Signage Content
April 2, 2018
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Small Business and Digital Signage

Keeping Digital Signage Professional in the Small to Medium Size Business Environment

As the cost for Digital Signage decreases and the rise of competition in business increases, Digital Signage is becoming a rising trend for driving traffic and sales. Long gone are the days of Digital Signage just in large national brands. Today, small to medium size regional businesses are turning to Digital Signage as an effective marketing tool. But, as with all marketing tools, the effectiveness of the marketing strategy is only as good as the visual content included within it.

I, for one, remember the “targeted” monthly home marketing magazines (now which more often than not end up directly in the recycling bin) and you immediately knew which businesses were performing their own marketing services – unprofessional, grainy images, with content that, if it grabbed your attention at all, was uninspired at getting someone to pick up the phone or make a special trip to the store. The professional advertisements, however, made me at least stop and pause at the product being offered, if not to ask myself whether I needed whatever was being sold.

My experience in Digital Signage is much like the old mail-to-home marketing ads.
Customers are best influenced by professional content marketing but small to medium regional business owners do not have the time, budget, or technical and marketing skills to create effective visuals.

If a small or medium-sized business is lucky enough to include a budget for an in-house Marketing Director (let alone a team!), that person or team is faced with competing interests and responsibilities. Often, this results in marginally compelling Digital Signage content created at the time of deployment. The content is well thought, but typically lacks the visual interest touches of a graphic designer. The content, then, quickly becomes stagnant as other, more pressing responsibilities and tasks are tackled.

Digital Signage Marketing StrategyFor the businesses that aren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated marketing department, the result is oftentimes worse. While owners and managers are well intentioned in creating content, they typically don’t even have the marketing education and experience to put together an initially compelling Digital Signage product. And they are even less likely to have the time to keep the content fresh in light of their ever-changing priorities and challenges.

So what’s the solution? One option is hiring outside marketing companies or even freelance graphic designers to create or manage the content and keep it up to date. This can be cost prohibitive to many businesses.

Another option is to purchase a Digital Signage system directly from a company that offers content management and graphic design. This can be much more economical to smaller businesses. A business owner can budget an exact amount, will know that its content will be current and up to date (no more “Happy Holidays!” messages in March), can be assured that its personnel can focus on more pressing issues, and that its Digital Signage investment will provide its most effective return – an interested, captive customer audience.

This is where focus4media excels in the market place. Our full-service content house is typically retained by our clients, and diligently works to create the necessary content on an often small budget. While we work with national brands and deliver content and Digital Signage nationwide, our true passion is helping local and regional brand enhance their customer experience.

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