CCTV Systems

focus4media’s Closed Circuit Television systems help you keep your eyes on your business.

CCTV systems are typically associated with deterring and prosecuting theft. Many insurance companies require these systems. Plus, it's often a necessity to deploy a camera system when you are open late, handle cash, or have a small staff on site.

Aside from the obvious security benefits to installing a CCTV system, are there other reasons to install a CCTV System? Of course! By installing a CCTV system into your business you can ensure that your staff always provides the "designed" experience for your guests. You can also make sure that your staff is arriving to work on time, acknowledging guests, keeping the business clean and keeping the shelves stocked. You can even gauge if you are over or under staffed on any given day.


Set up your cameras anywhere that needs coverage


Have clear security footage both day and night.


Have total control of your cameras to ensure total coverage.


We carry both camera styles to suit your needs.


Both standard definition and high definition options available.


Record your footage or stream it live!

Ready to add CCTV Systems to your business?

There are undoubtedly huge advantages to the deployment of CCTV camera systems. Their use in deterring crime is hard to prove, but is thought to be extremely effective. Customers entering a shop who know they are being filmed are significantly less likely to steal. Members of the public who know that CCTV is continuously monitoring a hospital waiting room are less likely to assault staff. Businesses, and with them livelihoods, are protected from theft and monetary loss by the use of CCTV security systems. Protect your business and let focus4media help you set up your CCTV surveillance system!

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July 18, 2017
CCTV Security Surveillance Camera System

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