Scent is the most powerful of the senses

Of all the senses, scent has the strongest ability to evoke memories and emotions. So have you considered the role scent plays in your business? Focus4media's ambient scenting solutions build brand associations promote productions and create enjoyable atmospheres to enhance your guests' experience.

focus4media can help you put scent solutions to work for your business so you can generate an unforgettable customer experience.

Scent can influence your guests

  • A scented environment stimulates sales.
  • Scent marketing enables your customers to recall your brand and better communicate your brand’s attributes.
  • Scent evokes pleasurable memories and reduces stress.
  • Scent can create positive associations with an event or experience.
  • Scent can create different moods -- it can relax customers, invigorate guests, improve employee productivity, and calm patients.

Have you thought about utilizing scent for your business?

Scent has a powerful effect on our decision making. Smelling a delicious desert can make us hungry. Smelling a loved one’s cologne can comfort us. Putting this powerful sense to work for your business can make the difference between surviving to thriving. Whether your goal is to invoke childhood memories, drive customers to explore your property, or cover up a certain smell, our Scent experts can provide you with the perfect solution.


Our Scent Solutions Explained

We offer several scent Solutions that can help transform your business. Depending on your scenting goals, we have a variety of scent appliances available. They can be programmed to offer just the right amount of scent to create the engineered effect. Our Scent solutions include both self service and full service options. Talk to a focus4media Scent Specialist or get started by downloading our informational, Scent White Paper. Click the link below!


Scent Billboards

Have an ice cream shop on the second floor and struggle to drive customers towards it? Scenting the bottom of the steps with our Waffle Cone scent will ensure that your guests follow their nose, and purchase more ice cream. A Scent Billboard can be used anywhere on your property that you want your guest to explore.

Welcoming Scent

How do you welcome guest when they walk through your front doors? Using our Scent solutions as a warm welcome is the easiest way to invite guest to walk through your business. Most client change their warm welcomes to coincide with the season. From fresh flowers to holiday scents, we offer the best in scented warm welcomes.

Signature Scents

How are customers reminded of your business after they leave? Having all your locations scented with your own signature scent will help customers relive their visit to your property every time they smell hints of your signature scent, long after they have left. There is no better way to entice a customer to visit again, then reminded them of how much they enjoyed their visit every time they smell your signature scent.

Scent Masking

Not all buildings have the perfect scent. Whether you have a historical remodeled building, interesting neighbors, a sterile environment, or a large range of products mixing their scents, we can help mask the scent and ensure a pleasant experience. Scent masking doesn’t have to be over powering, when done right it is hardly noticeable and solves any order issue.

Why should you have a custom scent to fit your brand?

Regardless of the industry that you are in and the size of your business, our Scent products will take your customers for a journey. It will help remind them of your business long after they leave, drive them to explore more of your property, and give them the best experience possible. We use only the best commercial scenting products and are happy to discuss your project. Reach out to one of our Scent experts today, to learn more about how we can transform your business.


What can you expect with our Scent solutions?

Hassle-free Applications

Our Scent appliances are small and easy to use. They can be mounted on your wall, hidden under furniture, or beautifully left in the open. Our consultants will work with you to determine the proper placement and settings to accomplish your Scent goals.

Our Massive Scent Library

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory and emotion. We make scent branding a reality to the overall sensory experience. Selecting the proper scent is a fun process that includes a discussion about your customer’s moods, demographics, style, and energy. From there we narrow it down to the following categories and select the perfect scent for your business.
  • Warm and inviting scent - coffee cup and beans
  • Relaxing and soothing scent - lavender sprig with glass bottle
  • Passionate and sensual scent - red rose
  • Odor neutralizing scent - white onions
  • Invigorating and stimulating scent - lemons
  • Holiday and seasonal scent - gingerbread man
  • Fun and whimsical scent - rainbow gumballs
  • fresh and clean scent - pile of fresh linens and lilies
  • Flagrant and floral scent - white flowers
  • exotic and tropical scent - bird of paradise flower
  • crisp and refreshing scent - splash of water